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SPCS allows you to manage your customer information much more efficiently. No more pulling index cards or invoices to find out information about a customer.  Everything you need to know including service, payment, and chemical history is available at the press of a key.  SPCS maintains an extensive customer database that keeps track of a wealth of information for each customer.

Managing Customers
Sometimes all you have is a phone number, a street name, or maybe just a first name.  SPCS allows you to find and display your customers several different ways giving you the flexibility you need to manage your customer information easily.  Its all at your fingertips and available instantly at the press of a key.

You can locate customers by :

  • Name (first, last, or whole name)
  • Account #
  • Street Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Numbers
  • Service Frequency
  • Map Code
  • Area
  • Initial Service Date
  • Last Service Date
  • Next Service Date
  • Customer Type
  • Source or Origin
  • Route Number
  • Billing Name
  • Billing Address

SPCS will find customers using any one of these items. With the SPCS search features all the information you need is available instantly at the press of a key.

There is no limit to the number of customers that you can keep track of in SPCS.  Take a look at a screen shot of  the Customer screen to see the easy to use format.

Screen Shot