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Having problems keeping track of your schedules? We all know that once a customer is skipped that revenue can never be made up. The SPCS scheduling features make managing routes and schedules a breeze. Everything you need to know about the schedule for any given time period is right in front of you at the press of a key.

SPCS includes a very flexible scheduling system. Customers can easily be setup to be scheduled on the same day of the week and week of the month. For example, the first Monday of every month or the 3rd Friday every 3 months. In addition, customers can be scheduled for odd or unusual recurring appointments such as the 1st of every month, every 23 days, every 7 weeks, etc. Customers can also be scheduled for seasonal services that are only rendered for certain months of the year.

You can manipulate individual scheduled appointments for a customer without effecting any future scheduled appointments. Additionally, SPCS will allow you to easily move groups of customers from one service date to another.

Keeping track of what services customers are scheduled for and their service charges is not easy. Especially when customers may want an additional service this time, or maybe they want a special service before their regularly scheduled service comes due. And what if a customer also has an annual termite renewal due once a year? SPCS handles all of these situations and almost every other possible scenario with ease.

Multiple Scheduled Services
SPCS allows you to setup ANY NUMBER of scheduled services for each customer with any number of service items for that scheduled service. For instance, a customer can be a regular quarterly customer, an annual termite renewal, and a weekly customer all at the same time. SPCS schedules, reschedules, and maintains each type of service independently of the others.

When viewing the schedule all the information about each customer is shown. You know immediately if the customer has been confirmed for that date and time or not. Want to quickly look at another day, simply press a key and pick any new date from the calendar.

Want to know what customers are scheduled for tomorrow, next week, next month, or for any time period? SPCS will print call sheets, labels, cards, route sheets, and/or invoices for customers that are scheduled for any time period you specify.  Want to know what customers are due for a specific time frame in a certain area or zip code?  Or what customers are due that are quarterly or annual, contract or no contract, commercial or residential, and on a certain route?  SPCS can do all of this and much more. For example, you want to see all the customers due next month that are quarterly and in a certain zip code or area, SPCS does it in a few seconds.  AND ITS EASY!  If you don't want to print out the information simply browse through the customers on screen.

Need to provide some extra services for this next appointment service only? SPCS does it easily and after service is performed the item will not appear on their next invoiced service. Need to put a customer on the schedule for a special service or retreat? SPCS does it quickly and without affecting the customer's regularly scheduled service date(s).

Directions and Instructions
SPCS allows you to enter an unlimited amount of information for directions and/or instructions to your technicians.  This information will print on the route sheets and can be optionally made to print on the invoice/service tickets.

No other software offers the ease of use and flexibility. With the on screen scheduling features in SPCS you'll never miss another customer's service again!

Schedule Screens
SPCS offers a variety of options for viewing the schedule.  While viewing the schedule you can change any aspect of a customer's scheduled service.  You can also drag and drop customer's scheduled appointments from one date and time to another.

Monthly View

Daily View

Weekly View

Technician View

Schedule View

In many of the schedule screens the columns can be rearranged to show the customer information you want to see.

Although reports can be generated from any of the schedule screens there are several other reports available in SPCS to print schedules, route sheets, call sheets, etc.