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Hand writing or typing invoice/service tickets for scheduled customers is a very time consuming process.  Time that could be better spent selling or servicing customers. SPCS automates this process by automatically creating and printing invoices for customers due for any time period you specify.  Some of the many SPCS invoicing features include:

  • Generate & print invoices tickets automatically for any date(s).
  • Create invoices one at a time.
  • Add, change, and delete items and/or charges on any invoice.
  • Reprint individual invoices or any group of invoices at any time.
  • Track chemical usage for each job.

In addition, any number of service items can be made to appear on the invoice automatically.  For example, a customer's regular service can consist of roaches, fleas, mice, and any other additional service you may offer.  All services are automatically itemized on the invoice with totals including tax (if applicable).

Invoice History
Ever need to find an old invoice, or find out what chemicals that were used on a job?  Perhaps a customer wants to know what items they were charged for and the date the service was performed.  The SPCS invoicing features provide the solutions to these and many other problems.  The ease and flexibility of SPCS makes managing invoices and finding information a task requiring little effort.

SPCS will show the complete invoice history of any customer on screen or to the printer instantly.

Unlike many systems the invoicing features in SPCS are very flexible. You can modify invoices as needed, adding, changing, or deleting charges and service descriptions on any invoice at any time. You can also print or reprint multiple copies of invoices whenever needed.

Writing or typing up invoices is one of the most time consuming tasks for any pest control operation. SPCS eliminates this problem by automating the process of making and printing invoices.

The format of invoice/service tickets  is customizable, allowing target pests, the chemicals you normally use, and the locations treated to be specified on the invoice.  Notes to the customer, directions, and special instructions for technicians can all optionally be made to print on the invoice.  

SPCS can print invoice/service tickets on:

Plain Paper:  SPCS will generate invoices on plain paper.  SPCS does not require any special forms.

Our Forms:  We also have a line of forms designed to work with SPCS.  

Whatever You Want:  If you have an invoice or service ticket form you want to use we customize SPCS to print on your form.

Laser, inkjet, and dot matrix printers are all supported.