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SPCS includes many reports to help you analyze what's going on in your business.  Most reports can be viewed on the screen allowing you to page back and forth through the report and review the information without having to print it.

Just a few of the many reports available:

The Structural Pest Control System is not just an accounting package for recurring invoices, its much more.  Our software contains the most flexible and innovative scheduling features available.  SPCS keeps track of a wealth of information for each client and gives you the ability to manage your accounts with the versatility of many contact manager software packages.

If you have an idea call us, we will try to develop it for your future success.

  • Aged A/R Report showing Current, 30, 60, and 90 days or more past due.
  • Billing Statements that can be printed individually or for all outstanding accounts.
  • Sales Tax Report with group totals for different tax rates.
  • Service Analysis with group totals for different services and service categories.
  • Service Item Report lists all customers who received a specific service during a time period you specify.
  • Chemical Usage Reports listing all chemicals used for any time period you specify showing the chemical name, manufacturer, EPA registration #, amount used, and the number of applications each chemical was used on.
  • Market Analysis with group totals for specific marketing sources.
  • Route Sheets and Call Sheets for any time period you specify. You can optionally specify different criteria to include certain customers on the reports. For example, all the customers due in a certain time frame, that are in a certain area, and/or zip code, and/or only customers that are quarterly, etc.
  • Form Letters with Mail Merge for personalized letters, proposals, etc.
  • Mailing Labels and Cards. Define and use your own Card messages!
  • Customer Database Query Report. A powerful database report that lets you specify criteria to include or exclude customers on a report.
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