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Credit Card Processing

Dear Valued Customer:

RDF Software is committed to providing you with innovative solutions to help you better manage your business. We are pleased to announce an upgrade that will allow you to securely process payments directly through Structural Pest Control System (SPCS) for Windows.

Through a newly formed partnership with Element Payment Services, Inc., a company leading the way in PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions, you can transform SPCS into a fully integrated payment processing system.

This upgrade allows you to eliminate standalone point-of-sale (POS) terminals from your countertop or remove multi-integrated software that increases your processing costs and backoffice headache. By processing payments directly through your SPCS using Element as your processor, you’ll save time, money and remove liability from your business.  Watch to learn more.

The Most Secure Payment Processing Available

As you are probably aware, the payment card industry has strict security compliance requirements to protect against cardholder data breaches. In 2006, the credit card associations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) joined together to create the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) with the purpose of securing cardholder data. The PCI DSS govern the processing, transmittal and storage of cardholder data. All merchants (like you), independent software vendors (such as RDF Software), processors and financial institutions must comply.

RDF Software selected Element as its processing partner because of the security features that Element employs which not only meet but exceed PCI DSS requirements allowing our customers to easily comply with the Standard and better protect their business against cardholder data compromises.

The number one reason behind both cardholder data security compromises and the failure to comply with PCI DSS is the inability of businesses to protect stored data. The pest control business model traditionally requires businesses to store cardholder data to run recurring payments or offer customers the convenience of billing a card on file.

Through this upgrade, you will have access to an innovative feature called Payment Account Secure Storage (PASS) that allows business to securely store credit card information for future billing while still meeting PCI DSS requirements. It works by moving the actual cardholder data to Element’s secure storage facility and passing back a unique reference pointer to SPCS. Using this unique identifier, merchants can bill a card on file, schedule recurring payments or resolve transaction questions quickly and easily. If your system was ever breached, the data stored at your location would be completely unusable to data thieves. You are able to offer your customers peace of mind knowing that their personal information is protected while eliminating significant liability from your business.  Watch to learn more about PASS technology.

The Most Cost-Effective and Honest Pricing In the Industry

RDF Software has worked with Element to negotiate competitive merchant pricing on your behalf. Element believes that the cost of card acceptance shouldn’t be a mystery and offers a simple, easy-to-reconcile merchant services rate structure, called True Pricing. With True Pricing, actual Visa and MasterCard fees, called Interchange, are clearly identified and passed through to you without mark-up. Element’s service fee for processing each transaction is set upfront at the time you sign your agreement and remains constant throughout the term of your agreement. When Visa and MasterCard raise Interchange rates, only specific card rate increases are passed on to you, rather than a blanket rate-hike like other processors perform. The result is savings for you and the fairest pricing in the industry. Learn more about True Pricing.

We encourage all RDF customers to take advantage of this upgrade immediately to begin processing payments in the most secure environment currently available, protecting your business and your valued customers.

Upgrading is easy. Simply contact a payment specialist at (866) 435-3636 x1730 or request to be contacted through this online form.

Version 6.0 of SPCS has been fully integrated with the Element system to process credit cards directly through SPCS. To take advantage of these new features contact RDF Software to upgrade your version of SPCS.

Best Regards,

RDF Software