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Great News for Structural Pest Control System Users!

We are pleased to offer you the latest upgrade for the Structural Pest Control System, Version 7.0.  We have been working hard to add the features our customers have asked for.  With a number of new and improved features there is something for everyone.

New Features and Enhancements included in SPCS Version 7.0:

New Screen Design

All the SPCS windows and fonts have been made approximately 35-40% larger for easier viewing on high resolution monitors.  The toolbar buttons are larger and have text descriptions for faster learning and ease of use.  Additionally, we have also included some options for changing the background colors of the windows and screens in SPCS.

Click on this link for a sample of the New Design

Export to Excel

All accounting reports can now be exported to Excel.  This includes all Reports Sales, Income, Accounts Receivable, Expense, and Sales Tax reports.  This feature requires that you have Excel installed on your computer.  Reports exported to excel may not have the same format as the report itself.  For example, a Sales by Customer Summary report will print each customer and the total sales for the date range specified.  When exported to Excel we do not just export the customer name and the total sales rather, we export all the invoices for the customer that make up the total sales so you have the detail for each transaction.

Text Messaging

You can now send text messages directly through SPCS.  This is accomplished by sending text messages through the SPCS email system.  Text messages can be sent individually or in bulk, i.e. for sending service reminder notices for example.  The text messages are saved in the email log and any responses from your customer's are emailed back to you so you can view their responses in your email.  There are many services available for sending bulk text messages, for a fee. Sending text messages through email is free however, the challenge in sending text messages this way is knowing the customer's cell phone provider.  We have added options to specify the cell phone provider or carrier for a customer however, updating each customer one by one could be very time consuming.  In order to assist you in quickly updating all your customers by determining the customer's cell phone carrier we have teamed up with 24/7 Data to provide you with a way to quickly update all of your customers for a small one time fee.* Some customers may have to pay for sending and receiving text messages so you should always get permission from the customer before sending text messages.

Signature Capture

The new SPCS Mobile has a feature for capturing a customer signature.  This feature has also been added to the main SPCS for those owner/operators that take SPCS with them on a laptop or tablet.  The signature is saved with the invoice in the customer's history and included on the printed invoice/receipt.

For those using SPCS Mobile viewing the customer's signature for an invoice is now easier with a Signature button on the Invoice screen in SPCS.  For those owner/operators that take SPCS into the field on a laptop or tablet you can now capture a signature from the customer for each invoice.  The customer's signature can also be emailed or printed on the invoice/receipt.

New MapQuest links

Updated the MapQuest mapping feature to use the new MapQuest Directions and Map Quest RoutePlanner websites when using the Map Route feature.  The MapQuest RoutePlanner will rearrange the route based in shortest distance or shortest time.

Scheduled Date Validation

SPCS will now validate the next service date to insure the date entered is not in the past or too far into the future.  This option can be turned off and on in the Set Preferences window.

Other enhancements...

Added option to control whether or not existing credits are applied when entering payments.

Added option to process a payment account or credit card payment when entering a payment from the invoice screen.

The customer's email address is now visible in the Select Customer list when selecting customers for billing statements.

Added a 4th comment line to the main customer window.

Added popup lists for many of the fields on the Florida Wood Destroying Insect Report.

Added option to globally change customer service types.

And much more ...!

*A subscription to 24/7 Data (www.data24-7.com) to update your customer database is $12.00 a month and .005 per lookup or per customer.  For example, if you have 5000 customers on file the fee to update them all would be the $12.00 monthly subscription fee + $25.00 (5000 x .005) = $37.00 total one time fee to update 5,000 customer records.  After you have updated your customer list you can cancel your subscription at any time.

SPCS Mobile

We recently released our latest version of SPCS Mobile, the mobile paperless system for SPCS.  Click on the Mobile Paperless System link from the menu for more information.

We appreciate your patience in waiting for this important update and would  like to extend a special thanks to all of those who sent or faxed their requests for new features and enhancements.  Keep those requests coming!

Convenient Ordering

To place an order for the SPCS for Windows 6.0 Upgrade mail or fax the 7.0 Upgrade Order Form or give us a call at (800) 544-4585.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit cards, or can ship COD (add an additional $15.00 for COD shipping).

7.0 Upgrade Order Form

Thanks again for using the Structural Pest Control System.

Randal Ferguson


RDF Software

TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  RDF Software only provides technical support for the current version of SPCS (Version 7.0).  If you purchased SPCS or a version upgrade in the past year you will still receive technical support for one year from the date of purchase.