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SPCS Mobile

Structural Pest Control System Mobile

SPCS Mobile is a software application designed to eliminate paperwork and data entry for technicians and office personnel. SPCS Mobile allows you to give your technicians their work on a mobile device. The technician posts their own work as they go. When they synchronize their mobile device with the main SPCS program all of their work is uploaded into SPCS eliminating the need for office personnel to enter data from hand written notes on paper forms.

SPCS Mobile runs on any Windows tablet, laptop, 2-1 tablet, or any computer running Microsoft Windows (not Windows RT).    SPCS Mobile does not run on Apple or Android devices.  Windows tablets can be purchased just about anywhere starting at about $100.00.  The tablet DOES NOT have to have a data plan so you do not have to purchase the tablet from your cell phone provider.  Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Fry's, Egghead, Tigerdirect, etc are a few companies that all carry Windows tablets.

Benefits and Features included in SPCS Mobile.

SPCS Mobile allows you to give the technicians their work for a day, week, month, or however much work you want to give them. All of the work you give them is downloaded on to their mobile device. The technician can quickly and easily see a list of all the jobs they have scheduled. The list is in date/time order and can be sorted a number of different ways.

Here are some of the many time saving features the technician can perform using SPCS Mobile:

  • Enter date and time in/time out for jobs.
  • Enter any payments received.
  • Capture a signature from the customer.
  • Enter all products and chemicals used including chemical names, EPA numbers, quantities used, unit of measure, locations treated, methods of application, dilution rates, target pests, etc. Our chemical record keeping and reporting features meet the chemical reporting requirements of all 50 states including New York (DEC) and California.
  • Enter any additional technician notes for the job.
  • Enter any additional services or charges.
  • Print an invoice and/or receipt showing any payments received and chemicals used.
  • Email an invoice and/or receipt showing any payments received and chemicals used.
  • The job record in the mobile device contains everything the technician needs to know about the job including special notes, instructions, and/or directions.
  • All jobs are updated, chemicals/products are entered, payments entered, and the customer’s services are rescheduled automatically when the technician synchronizes their mobile device with the main SPCS.

SPCS Mobile works in conjunction with and requires SPCS for Windows. SPCS Mobile does not have all the features of SPCS for Windows.

SPCS Mobile requires Version 6.0 of SPCS.  You can check your version of SPCS by selecting Help|About from the menu.  If you have an earlier version of SPCS you will need to upgrade to Version 6.0 in order to use SPCS Mobile.

Click on the link below to see some screen shots of SPCS Mobile.

Mobile Image 1

Mobile Image 2

As with all of our software, we would greatly appreciate any feedback and suggestions from our users.  Any minor changes, enhancements, and/or bug fixes will be made available via our web site.

Technical Support - RDF Software does not provide free unlimited technical phone support for SPCS Mobile.  RDF Software reserves the right to charge for technical support and/or training provided over the phone when we deem necessary.  You will be notified before hand of any technical support charges if applicable.

Printing - SPCS Mobile prints invoices/receipts on 8.5 x 11 plain paper and does not require any special forms.  SPCS Mobile will work with any printer that is compatible with Windows.

Ordering - You can order SPCS Mobile by calling 800-544-4585 or by faxing or mailing the SPCS Mobile Order Form.  SPCS Mobile is a purchased for a one time fee.  There are no monthly or annual fees or contracts.

RDF Software does not sell tablets or laptops.  You can purchase Windows tablets online or at most computer and office supply stores.  If you have any questions about a particular tablet or laptop you are considering buying please send us an email or give us a call and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.